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Bel-aire 1 2013
Bel-aire 2 2013
Bel-aire 3 2013
Bel-aire 4 2013
Bel-aire 5 2013
Bel-aire 6 2013
Bel-aire 7 2013
Bel-aire 8 2013
Bel-aire 9 2013
Bel-aire 10 2013
Bel-aire 11 2013
Bel-aire 12 2013
Bel-aire 13 2013
Bel-aire 14 2013


This design/build project in SW Calgary was completed the year of the record flood. After the extensive renovation of this Bel-aire family estate home, the yard was in need of a serious and complete renovation. With over forty mature trees on the property a tailored culling removed the impenetrable gloom of the lot while retaining most of the ornamental charm in the front yard. Hard elements of Kayu Batu deck and cobblestone patio and walkway in the backyard, were softened with a robust planting throughout. The clients, thinking this was a transition home, were so happy with the completed project they decided to make this stunning house a home for life!




Bel-Aire, SW


Summer 2013

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